Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, by Chip Conley. I heard the author on a podcast. His story intrigued me enough to buy this GREAT book. Lots of wonderful information that can be used if you are leading a team made up of different age groups. Also great insight if you are the “elder” in the team about how you can share your experience in a way that gets understood and valued.

The key? Three lessons that you need to master:

1. Evolve.

2. Learn.

3. Collaborate.

“Workers ‘of a certain age’ are in fact less like a carton of spoiled milk and more like a bottle of fine wine of an especially valuable vintage. Especially in the digital era…companies and investors are finally waking up and realizing they could use a little ‘wisdom insurance’: the humility, emotional intelligence, and wisdom that comes with age… those of us with a little aging patina do have something to offer. Especially now.” Amen!