This week I’ve been listening to some very interesting podcasts. I probably have 20 or so podcasts I listen to regularly and as you can imagine, they are varied in style and content. This week I’ve been focusing on creativity and I found myself listening to The Creative Empire podcast. Two interviews were particularly insightful: Episode 231 with Chanti Zak– Creative and Converting Quizzes. Did you know that just about any business can benefit from using quizzes to get clients? To get information from existing clients? Chanti Zak makes the case that quizzes can work better than surveys because of the element of fun and feedback.

Episode 234 with Cara Chace called Why Pinterest Should be a Priority in Your Business is all about using Pinterest to grow your business. Pinterest is actually a search engine and you can get found by using “promoted pins.” Both episodes provide tons of really relevant information for small businesses (even if your business isn’t in the “creative” space) and the podcast notes for each will give you links for useful free resources.